Owner - Brad Minshull

As a Taxidermist of 31 years, Brad Minshull has mounted all manner and type of North American, African and  
Exotic Game Species.

Being a lifelong hunter and fisherman Brad knows the game inside out. Having guided sportsmen successfully   
in the past for black bear, moose and whitetail deer he knows the time, effort and expense required to put a trophy
animal on the ground or a trophy fish in the boat. 

With that background Brad takes the time and patient care needed to produce beautiful, life-like custom taxidermy mounts.   

Brad and his staff have mounted many Provincial & State record book animals for top clients across North America. Let the staff at Prairieland Taxidermy design a unique single or multi peice diorama that enhances the best features
of your trophy for you to enjoy for a lifetime.                                                   


Do you have a trophy animal that you think may make the record
book? Brad is an official scorer for the following organizations:

* The Pope & Young Club
* Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association
* Manitoba Bowhunting Records Club

 Mission Statement

 We use only the finest taxidermy materials available today, usually at a higher cost.
 No corners are cut nor expenses spared to produce the type of beautiful, high quality mount each of our customers deserve.
 We ship mounts anywhere in the world with all required export permits procured.
 Shipping to the U.S. we employ the services of a reputable brokerage firm to ensure a smooth transit. Shipping overseas
 we employ an expediting and freight forwarding company.   

 Fish, shoulder mounts, half life-size and full life-size mounts are shipped in reinforced solid plywood crates.

  We are licensed Provincially in Manitoba and Federally in Canada. We are also licensed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
  Service to ship to the United States. 

Brad Minshull          Studio  204-634-2203  
31 Railway Ave       Fax  204-634-2203
Pierson, MB            Toll Free
ROM 1SO          

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